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F-Test: Compare Two Variances in R | R-bloggers


R for GIS

In real estate, spatial data is the name of the game. Countless programs
in other domains utilize the power of this data, which is becoming more
prevalent by the day…

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How to perform PCA with R? | R-bloggers

This post shows how to perform PCA with R and the package FactoMineR

If you want to learn more on methods such as PCA, you can enroll in this MOOC (everyting is free): MOOC on Exploratory Multivariate Data Analysis

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Principal Component Analysis in R | R-bloggers

Principal component analysis (PCA) is routinely employed on a wide range of problems. From the detection of outliers to predictive modeling, PCA has the ability of projecting the observations described by


variables into few orthogonal components defined at where the data ‘stretch’ the most, rendering a simplified overview. 

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Because k-Means Kluster! | R-bloggers

Cluster analysis is a form of unsupervised learning, which aims to group observations into clusters.

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Multiple Regression (Part 1) | R-bloggers

May the Force of R be With You, Always! | R-bloggers

The Basics of Bayesian Statistics | R-bloggers

Taking a Subset of a Data Frame in R | R-bloggers

Outlier detection and treatment with R | R-bloggers

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