Dealing with a subset of data in R

Here follow another post dealing with data handling in R.
I posted on “how to select a subset of data corresponding to categorical variable in R“. However, a Twitt from R bloggers (@Rbloggers) opened locked doors concerning on the handling of data in R.

The subset function is available in base R and can be used to return subsets of a vector, martix, or data frame which meet a particular condition. In my three years of using R, I have repeatedly used the subset() function and believe that it is the most useful tool for selecting elements of a data structure. I assume that many of you are familiar with this function, so I will simply conclude this post by providing some brief examples of the subset function.

You are invited to read the original post here

By using your imagination and the good information of the above post no more you’ll lose your time when in need to deal with data subset in R.

Don’t forget the ?subset 😉



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