Graphics: Handling with axis

R natively constructs graphics with axis in a square box. like this:

However, some like me should prefer to use only the X and Y axes, in a more elegant way of graphic presentation, when preparing their results for publication. R “par” function can be used to set graphical parameters and is useful in this case.

Using “par” you may set the bty with a character string to construct a type of “box” of your need. Intuitively ‘”l”’, ‘”7″’, ‘”c”’, ‘”u”’, or ‘”]” and even “n” (that suppresses the box). The resulting box resembles the corresponding upper case letter.

For example using “plot” function to build your graphs you may use bty as an argument:

plot(var1~var2, bty=”l”)

Will produce a graphic like:

-You should also try other strings to see the results! 🙂

Alternatively if you are to made a large number of graphics I suggest you to previous set “par” with the bty string you want. Thus before you use the graphic command set:


Now every graphic you produce in your R session will only have X and Y axis!

I invite you to explore more graphics parameters in R consulting par help page:


Be Happy!



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