Chi-Squared test

Understand the purpose, the math and implement Chi-Sq statistic in R #rstats #datascience

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R for publication

Hi guys, follow links to nice posts on how to handle R for your publications.

1- R for Publication by Page Piccinini: Lesson 1 – R Basics

By the end of this lesson you will be able to:

Make an R Project.
Commit to Git.
Push to Bitbucket.
Read in and manipulate data.
Make a figure and save it to PDF.
Create an R Markdown document.

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2-R for Publication by Page Piccinini: Lesson 6, Part 1 – Linear Mixed Effects Models

By the end of this lesson you will:

  • Have learned the math of an LMEM.
  • Be able to make figures to present data for LMEMs.
  • Be able to run some (preliminary) LMEMs and interpret the results.

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There are more on Piccinini in R-bloggers

R for Publication by Page Piccinini: Lesson 5 – Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Follow this link 😉

Here you can find tips for data handling. Forget your sheet editor🙂

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Imagens as x-axis labels

It didn’t take long, actually. Despite my searches while trying to get images into x-axis labels it seems I overlooked a working, significantly less hacky implementation. My Google-fu had in fact let me down…

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A sort of colours foe toue R graphs!!


Practical uses of R object modes: some examples | R-bloggers

One of our readers commented on our mode exercises post: “What real world tasks are you using mode to solve?” I think it’s an interesting question, from a somewhat larger perspective. Obviously, it’d be a waste of time to learn all kinds of obscure commands that don’t have a clear application in the real world. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the mode function, and its cousins, as we’ll see shortly.

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Free R online course

Using the open-source swirl project and RStudio server, DataCamp has created an exciting new online learning interface. Discover a fun collection of free interactive R tutorials covering basic R functions, the apply-family, base graphics, data structures and much more. [From R Bloggers]


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